Tax transcripts are used for a variety of things, like applying for a mortgage or a student loan. Taxpayers order a tax transcript on They can also learn about the different types of transcripts available from the IRS.

Order a tax transcript

Taxpayers can request a transcript, either online or by mail at Get Transcript on
Transcript types

The reason why a taxpayer needs a transcript will determine which type they should order. This page lists detailed information about what is included in the five different types of transcripts.
Frequently asked questions

Taxpayers can visit the FAQ page for answers to specific questions about the Get Transcript service, including getting a transcript either online or by mail.
Taxpayers may not need a full transcript. If they only need to find out how much they owe or verify payments they made within the last 18 months, they can visit the View Your Tax Account page.

IRS Tax Tip 2021-91

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