Happy New Year!

It is that time of year again! The time when most individuals start thinking about their tax refund and hope to get it as soon as possible. While we make sure that we process your tax return efficiently, it can only get done if the information given is correct and supported by documentation.

So what does this mean?

You should wait! Wait to file taxes until you receive all of your official tax documents. Using end-of-year paycheck stubs may not accurately reflect annual earnings, which could cause your tax return to be incorrect.

Using inaccurate information or incorrectly filling-in missing information often leads to having to file an amended return later on, which takes additional time and often costs you more money in tax preparation and filing fees.

The fastest way to make sure you get your entire tax refund is to wait until you have all of your official tax documents to file your tax return. In most cases, DOR issues income tax refunds in as little as two weeks when filed accurately and electronically.

Remember, that all employers are required to provide Form W-2’s to employees by Jan. 31, 2020. Please allow enough time to make sure you receive all wage statements, including W-2’s and 1099’s, in the mail.

Information provided by the Indiana Department of Revenue

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