As more taxpayers are receiving their stimulus checks, there are fewer using the Internal Revenue Service website. If you have not received your stimulus, go to In the body of the site, there are 8 options. The right-hand column, first option is “Get My Payment.” Click on that button and you will be taken to another page that has a second button that says “Get My Payment.” Fill in the information required. SSN of the first filer on the tax return, birthdate, address,  zip code. The site may require additional information. Adjusted gross income is on line 8b. You will be asked if you were to receive a refund (line 21a) or if you were to pay (line 23). You will be asked for that amount. You may then be asked to enter your bank account information to receive a direct deposit.

There is no timeline established for receiving money. In an earlier communication received from the IRS, it stated the money would be available all year so everyone who qualifies should get some money. If you receive nothing, there will be a place on the 2020 tax form (filing in 2021) to claim a credit for the amount of money you should have received.

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