In the course of my exposure to other people and businesses, I found something that made me rethink multi-level marketing. I was introduced to a company called Zilis. It is a company that was started in August 2015, based on the principal of paying it forward. They started with no product and the first objective was to provide vitamins to children in underserved areas, the first being Haiti. The second spot was determined to be Los Angeles, CA. In four years, Zilis has provided over 10,000,000 days of vitamins for children and pregnant women. In Los Angeles, those prenatal vitamins have cut the infant mortality rate by 29%. The first product introduced is called Ultra Cell, a full spectrum hemp oil released to the public in November 2017. The company now offers Ultra Cell in lemon flavor, berry flavor and no flavor. There are 73 additional products including vitamins and other supplements, skin care and home cleaning products. For more information, call me at 317-989-2708 or go to my website:

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