Tax deadline of April 15 is fast approaching. Taxpayers must still file by April 15 but the Internal Revenue Service extended the payment date to July 15, 2020. Any unpaid balances on July 16 will begin to accrue interest and penalties. On March 17, the Indiana Department of Revenue stopped face-to-face help for tax preparation. Although Indiana has not extended their deadline to pay, you can file an extension to push the filing date back to November 15. You must still pay any amount due to Indiana.

In light of this virus, I am attempting to cover all bases to give you options in the event the worst case scenario happens. I am not fearful of this virus, but as a society, we have been asked to be very cautious to prevent further spread.

If we are unable to meet in person, you can email your documents. I will prepare returns and speak with you on the telephone about the results. Payment to me can be made through electronic means and I can send your printed return to you through the mail or you can pick up the return when we are cleared to move about freely again.

Please remember to wash your hands!


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